Command & Control System

Summarizes all driving events and behaviors into one score and provides a simple way to keep track of drivers’ safe driving over time. With the ability to communicate with drivers on demands.

Access Control

The system has a built-in user management with the ability to integrate with Windows Active Directory.

Content Management

The system has the flexability to allow admins to manage users, vehicles, drivers.

Track Vehicles

The location for each vehicle will be sent from the device to the backend in real-time action. All vehicles in one full map view.

Receive Notifications and Alerts

All notifications are received with the ​misbehaviour type and date when the driver makes any violation. The vehicle marker will change to red in case of an issue with the driver.

Driver & Vehicle Details

All information related to drivers and vehicles are collected in the system and an audit of 12 months will be recorded.

Download Report

The system allows admins to download violation reports on the level of drivers and vehicles.

Score Calculator

All drivers have socres in the system and these scores are updated ​automatically whenever a violation happened. 

Accept Violation

The admins have the flexability to allow any misbehaviour to update the drivers scopes and remove warnings and alerts.

Latest Web Technologies

The system is implemented in .Net Core and Angular. The data is stored on SQL Server or MySQL database with the ability to switch between them.