What products does Inspector AI offer?

Inspector AI's products help you keep your business working at its highest capacity possible. Manual inspection of your product quality takes a large amount of human and financial resources, but the investment is necessary to prevent the long-term adverse effects of decreased yield, low efficiency, recalls, and customer upset.

What can our reports tell you?

• Counts: Understand your total count, good count, and your reject count so you can see the big picture,
as well as the details.
• Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and OEE Losses: Gain insight into your equipment's availability, performance, and quality, so you see how effective your systems are being. Alongside your OEE, our reports will also show you your OEE losses, where you had OEE, performance, availability, and quality lost time.
• Time: Time is money. Understand your all-time, run time, planned and unplanned stop time, as well as the amount of time that is not scheduled.
• Targets: Our reports will show you how you are doing towards your target count, how your efficiency is looking, as well as your count and time variance.
• Cycles: See your standard and slow cycles when you saw small stops that were not long enough to be tracked as formal downtime, your average ideal cycle time, and your average realized cycle time.

This data can significantly impact the decisions you make as an organization and how you modify your business processes.