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Handle your booking and fleet easily with Central Dashboard

See an overview of your fleet how many are booked how many are in the grace period and how many are available all in one dashboard filters to showcase an overview based on pre-defined Areas or branches, or vehicle group

Key Features of the Central Dashboard System

Area, Branch, and fleet

pre-define areas that include multiple branches and each branch includes multiple vehicle groups defied via the SIPP (Standard Interline Passenger Procedure) code that helps identify the major features of the vehicle

Comprehensive Dashboards

Comprehensive dashboards calendar based and filtered by area, branch, or Vehicle Group that gives an overview on how many bookings are there and how many free vehicles are there.

Cost Analysis Dashboard

See an overview of your revenue from different areas and branches so you can make better-informed decisions that help you get an idea of your best-selling branches and the branches that need to be improved

Preparation Dashboard

The Preparation feature lets you easily view all bookings with pick-up dates set for tomorrow. It allows you to export this list to an Excel sheet, helping you stay organized and ensuring a smooth, efficient process for managing upcoming reservations.


Define channel emails that your booking comes through so it can automatically handled by our smart AI engine and added to the list of bookings and showcased in the right Dashoard


Our system lets you transfer vehicles from any branch to another and it handles it automatically adding the vehicle to the new branch after the pre-defined grace period

Why choose Kuality AI?

The perks of choosing our central Dashboard

Enhanced Fleet Overview

Gain an overview of your entire fleet, including how many vehicles are booked, or available, helping you make informed decisions.

Optimized Revenue Tracking

Conduct cost analysis across different areas and branches to identify top-performing locations and those needing improvement.

Efficient Vehicle Transfers

Seamlessly handle vehicle transfers between branches, ensuring that your fleet is optimally distributed to meet demand.

Improved Organization

Stay ahead by showcasing bookings due tomorrow and allowing easy export to Excel, ensuring you’re always prepared.

Smart Channel Management

Automatically manage bookings from various channels, keeping your booking process smooth and organized.

Increased Efficiency & productivity

Your operational efficiency is significantly enhanced, allowing you to focus more on customer service and growth.