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SaaS fleet management solution

Our system acts as a co-pilot so, owners & fleet managers can optimize operations through our platform, accessing real-time data and driving information to allocate resources efficiently

All-In-1 System

Live Tracking

Location Insights
Track your fleet’s every move with precision. Discover their whereabouts with pinpoint accuracy.

Seamless Navigation
Effortlessly navigate through our interactive map.

Instant Information Access
A simple click unveils a treasure trove of details in a sleek side panel.


Effortless Setup
With our user-friendly interface, creating and editing geofences is a breeze.

Boundary Customization
Shape your virtual borders to match your unique needs. Whether it’s a precise Polygon, a sleek Circle, or a dynamic Polyline.

Location-Based Triggers
Leverage the power of Geofencing to trigger actions based on location. From sending notifications when vehicles enter or exit a zone.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive real-time alerts straight to your device whenever important events occur. Whether it’s a vehicle entering or exiting a geofenced area, a critical maintenance reminder, or a safety violation, stay in the loop with instant notifications that demand your attention.

Vehicle Management

Vehicle listing
Keep track of every vehicle in your fleet with a centralized system.

Maintenance Scheduling
Stay on top of preventative maintenance with automated scheduling and reminders.

Service History
Access a comprehensive service history for each vehicle, including maintenance performed, parts replaced, and costs incurred.

Safety Inspection

Digital Inspection Forms
Say goodbye to paper-based processes. Our digital inspection forms streamline the entire inspection process.

Customizable Checklists
Tailor inspection checklists to your specific needs and regulatory requirements. Whether you’re conducting routine maintenance checks or compliance inspections.

Guided Inspections
Our intuitive interface guides users through each step of the inspection process, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Driver Management

Driver Profiles
Create detailed profiles for each driver in your fleet, including personal information, contact details, license information.

Driver Assigning
Assign drivers to specific vehicles or routes based on their availability, qualifications, and experience.

Compliance Tracking
Stay on top of regulatory requirements with automated compliance tracking. Monitor driver certifications, licenses, and behavior to ensure that all drivers remain in compliance.

Analytics Dashboard

Comprehensive Data Visualization
Dive into a visually stunning dashboard that transforms complex data into intuitive charts, and graphs.

Real-Time Updates
Stay ahead of the curve with live data updates that reflect the latest developments in your fleet operations.

Report System

Incident Reports
Generate detailed incident reports to document accidents, collisions, or other incidents involving your vehicles.

Trip Reports
Gain visibility into your fleet’s trip history with comprehensive trip reports. 

Idle Time Reports
Identify inefficiencies and reduce fuel consumption with idle time reports.

Summary Reports
Get a high-level overview of your fleet’s performance with summary reports.

User Management

User Profiles
Create individual profiles for each user within your organization.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Implement role-based access control to define user roles and permissions based on job responsibilities and organizational hierarchy.

Customizable Permissions
Customize permissions for each user role to align with your organization’s unique requirements.

Integrable system to fit you needs

Whatever existing GPS or diagnostic hardware you have, our system can integrate with it easily to have the best optimal solution that fits your needs

Driver App Functionality

Optimize Route

Navigate easily with our interactive map so you can go from point A to point B  as fast as possible

SOS Button

If you are in distress and need immediate assistance just with a simple click a distress message will be sent to the admin portal the emergency response team can react accordingly

Safety Inspection

Drivers can administrate the safety inspections that are pre-defined by admins to make sure their vehicle is running smoothly and avoid incidents

Select Authorized Vehicle

Drivers can select the authorized vehicle they are driving with the ability to change it at anytime

Real-Time Alerts

Recieve alerts and geofence notifications in real-time and the voice commands that are sent from the admin or fleet manager

Why Choose Kuality AI?

The perks of choosing our fleet management system for your fleet

Increased Efficiency

Our system simplifies operations, reducing manual tasks and saving valuable time.

Customer Satisfaction

Our system facilitates timely deliveries and efficient service, improving customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Control

GPS live-tracking and alerts keep you informed and in control of your fleet.

Cost Saving

Our system can significantly reduce operational costs by optimizing routes and managing fuel usage.

Improved Decision Making

The analytic dashboard system provides insightful data, aiding in informed decision-making.

Safety & Compliance

Features like eDVIR and incident report systems help ensure safety standards and regulatory compliance.