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Range of industries uses our systems to simplify their fleet operations

With our Fleet Systems Industries can enhance efficiency and increase productivity through our set of features that are made with experience and real problems in mind

Logistics & Transportation

Our systems help logistics enhance delivery efficiency with live tracking, reduce downtime through proactive maintenance scheduling, and improve driver oversight.


Our systems ensure prompt deliveries and maximize resource efficiency, enhancing customer satisfaction with its tasking system and smart reporting capabilities.

Rental & Leasing

Our systems offer real-time vehicle tracking, automated maintenance alerts, and incident reporting to ensure optimal fleet readiness and service availability.


Our systems simplifies heavy equipment management by tracking assets and scheduling maintenance, minimizing downtime, and boosting productivity.

Oil & Gas

Our systems elevate efficiency by providing comprehensive Safety inspections and proactive maintenance scheduling, ensuring heavy machinery is always mission-ready.

Travel & Tourism

Our systems simplify operations and enhance productivity, leading to smoother services and higher customer satisfaction.


Our systems are being used to ensure that the bus ride for every child on-board the school bus is safe.

Taxi & Limo

Our systems provide a wide range of services to help efficiently manage taxi and limo services and provide passengers with the security of a safe ride.

Waste Management

Our systems Drivers can receive task information and are provided with site-specific details when needed.


Our systems help increase efficient delivery to global ports, vessel maintenance, fuel cost management, and regulatory compliance.