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Empower Your Commercial Fleet with Real-Time Monitoring and Proactive Risk Management

Welcome to ThirdEye, Kuality AI's innovative, deep-learning-powered monitoring solution for commercial fleets. We understand the challenges of managing a large fleet, and that's why we've created a standalone hardware device designed to enhance fleet safety, reduce accidents, and improve driver performance. Our state-of-the-art AI technology offers real-time, in-cabin and exterior monitoring, ensuring the highest level of compliance and accountability for your business.


Unleashing the Power of ThirdEye for Unrivaled Fleet Safety

ThirdEye’s innovative features and advanced technology are designed to provide comprehensive fleet safety solutions for businesses of all sizes. By combining dual smart cameras, an offline AI engine, real-time in-cabin monitoring, and predictive collision prevention technology, ThirdEye delivers an unparalleled level of protection for drivers and vehicles. Dive into the details of these groundbreaking features and learn how ThirdEye is revolutionizing fleet management.

Advanced AI-Powered Monitoring

ThirdEye offers seamless in-cabin and external monitoring for a complete view of your fleet’s surroundings and driver behavior

Real-time In-Cabin Monitoring

ThirdEye enables fleet managers to take immediate action, ensuring the safety of drivers and other road users

Offline AI Engine

Harnesses the power of advanced image processing and deep learning models to analyze data from smart cameras.

Predictive Collision Prevention Technology

This proactive approach to road safety helps minimize collisions and reduce their severity, ultimately protecting drivers, vehicles, and cargo.


ThirdEye is an all-in-one solution for commercial vehicles that combines predictive collision alerts, real-time driver monitoring, and advanced command & control functionality. Designed to minimize accidents, improve driver performance, and streamline fleet management, ThirdEye is the ultimate tool for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and enhance safety on the road.

Use Cases

ThirdEye’s innovative features and advanced technology combine to deliver a comprehensive fleet safety solution that is unmatched in the industry.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Fleet

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What types of vehicles is ThirdEye compatible with?

ThirdEye is designed to be compatible with a wide range of commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, vans, heavy machinery, and more. If you have specific compatibility questions or concerns, please contact our support team for further information.

How difficult is the installation process for ThirdEye?

ThirdEye is designed to be user-friendly and easy to install. Most installations can be completed within a few hours by following the provided installation guide. If you require professional assistance, our team can recommend certified installers in your area.

Does ThirdEye require an internet connection to function?

No, ThirdEye’s offline AI engine allows it to function without an internet connection, ensuring constant monitoring and protection even in remote areas or during network outages. However, an internet connection is required for updating the software and accessing certain online features, such as remote fleet management tools.

How secure is the data collected by ThirdEye?

Data security is a top priority for ThirdEye. We employ industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect the data collected by our system. Access to data is restricted to authorized users and can be managed through the fleet management dashboard.

Can ThirdEye integrate with my existing fleet management software?

ThirdEye is designed to work seamlessly within the fleet management ecosystem and can integrate with many industry-leading fleet management platforms. For specific integration questions, please contact our support team.

Will ThirdEye impact my vehicle's warranty?

ThirdEye’s non-invasive installation process typically does not impact vehicle warranties. However, we recommend checking with your vehicle manufacturer to confirm any potential warranty implications.

What kind of ongoing support can I expect from ThirdEye?

We are committed to providing exceptional ongoing support for ThirdEye customers. Our support team is available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have, and we offer regular software updates to ensure your system remains up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

How much does ThirdEye cost?

The cost of ThirdEye varies depending on the specific package and features you select. Please contact our sales team for a customized quote.

How can I purchase ThirdEye for my fleet?

To purchase ThirdEye, simply contact our sales team or fill out the inquiry form on our website. Our team will be happy to discuss your fleet’s needs and recommend the best package and features to suit your requirements.

How long is the warranty on ThirdEye hardware?

ThirdEye offers a one-year warranty on hardware, covering manufacturing defects and malfunctions. For further information on warranty terms and conditions, please refer to our warranty documentation or contact our support team.

Ready to revolutionize your fleet's safety and performance?