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What is an eDVIR (Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report)?.

The days when drivers had to submit tons of paperwork just to maintain compliance with their inspection reports, wasting lots of time on forms while they could be out there delivering and earning their living.

eDVIR (Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report) makes the inspection process faster and simpler, significantly allowing drivers and fleet operators to be more efficient at managing and handling fleet vehicles.

Electronic DVIRs are digital forms that drivers fill out electronically, indicating the condition of vehicles and their components, and the reports include a wide range of safety concerns.

How can fleets use the electronic inspection reports?

Keeping your fleet of vehicles running in top condition is vital for the success of your business.
It is just common sense to inspect cars before you drive them, even if you do not own fleet of commercial vehicles.

Drivers check their vehicle items, such as brakes, horns, tires, lights, etc., and record their findings on the form. If they notice ant issues, they report them to the maintenance department for timely repairs.

eDVIRs help drivers, owners, and operators stay compliant with the UAE’s vehicle safety regulations. Drivers must inspect their vehicles daily, looking for faults and logging the requisite inspections to comply with safety requirements.

With eDVIRs, inspection reports are streamlined, and drivers can ensure they comply with regulations by filling out reports and maintaining records to prove compliance.

How can the electronic inspection reports help your fleet?

Efficient Inspection reports: Any time, Anywhere

Flexibility and efficiency are a couple of the many advantages of using it for your inspections.

The system can capture, store, and upload in real-time all the necessary data about a vehicle’s condition and flag any issues that need attention, making it an effective tool for fleet management.

With an eDVIR, drivers can perform inspections from anywhere, anytime, and without the need for papers and pencils.

Hassle-free, easy to use

One of the main challenges of implementing technology in any industry is resistance from employees who are unfamiliar with or uncomfortable with its use.

The driver can easily browse the straightforward interface and follow the clear directions provided to help them through the inspection procedure. This implies that there may be significant advantages in terms of adoption rates.

This saves time and lowers the possibility of mistakes because the driver can receive instant feedback and the system can verify the selection.

Fast generation of work orders

One of the primary benefits of using a vehicle inspection e-form for fleets is that it allows you to identify maintenance issues quickly.

When a driver submits an inspection to the system, it will flag the issue requiring maintenance service and generate a work order to fix the issue.

A vehicle inspection system allows you to create a detailed maintenance schedule, assign work orders to maintenance staff, and track progress in real-time.

With the aid of this feature, problems are resolved quickly, and the cars are put back on the road as soon as possible.

Helps with crash prevention

Accident prevention usually begins with routine maintenance and inspection of your fleet, even with strong safety policies and driver training programs in place.

Using defined forms and checklists, vehicle inspections guarantee that your cars are examined consistently. With this method, your drivers are able to identify safety hazards before they become collisions.

By automating this process, fleet managers can easily store, access, and share inspection reports and make sure that their fleet runs smoothly and efficiently.

Manage your fleet from anywhere and identify the risks

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